SaverKey is causing a revolution in the way business and consumers connect!

SaverKey’s exclusive technology connects businesses and their customers in ways never done before. The old world of punch cards, membership cards, access keys, etc, is transitioning to the new world of digital Identification in nearly every form. This is a global issue and many companies are grasping the power of technology to make the tranition.
This simple concept translates into a global market of card holders that will use SaverKey as a savings card, an access/identification card, a bus pass, or for thousands of other uses. In addition, the SaverKey technology is a consumer driven system that, by its nature, will collect legitimate, opt-in information about its members.
Consumer demand will drive the SaverKey technology and the in-depth market intelligence will make our service offering irresistible. For the first time every business will be able to learn who their customers are so they can easily find and expand their customer base – a core goal for nearly every business in existence. This leads to a global application with broad market penetration on both the consumer and business sides of the equation.
Our proprietary technology integrates the brick and mortar world into the fast moving internet and social media world by building strong and trusted relationships between these businesses and their customers. Getting to know the customer is a top priority for organizations. Cultivating closer relationships builds customer loyalty and understanding while providing insight on how to serve them more effectively. More importantly, it also yields market intelligence that guides product and competitive strategy.
SaverKey will enter the market with a localized marketing approach and strategic vertical application integration followed by a tiered nationwide and global expansion. We have identified virtually endless applications for the SaverKey technology and the way it simplifies life for the consumer and enhances business marketing strategies and comprehension of their customer’s desires and needs.