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SaverKey™ International, Inc., is a Nevada Corporation based in Salt Lake City, Utah.
SaverKey is a revolutionary solution to help business owners exceed every metric in customer retention, loyalty and buying activity. We do this by helping our clients deliver the utmost in customer satisfaction.


"It has been my pleasure to work with Alan Fink and his associates at SaverKey for several years now. They have developed several products that help us actively register attendees in our Home Remodeling & Decorating Shows and allows our vendors to efficiently follow up on those customers that request information for their individual products.

Our vendors have found this to be a very cost‐effective tool in their marketing package. We, as show producers, have found it to be a perfect fit for our need to know the demographics and contact information of our attendees. We use that information in our sales presentations and follow up on these guests to invite them to come again to one of our shows.

The staff at SaverKey is always prepared, pleasant to work with and courteous to our attendees. That is critical in my business, I highly value the importance of great customer service and I expect everyone in my organization to treat our attendees and vendors like gold. It is wonderful when a service provider recognizes that aspect as well and does it without having to be reminded.

I highly recommend SaverKey and their entire staff to anyone in need of their services. All my interactions with them have been positive ones."

- Sylvia S. Andersen, CEO NEC Group

I can't even tell you what you have created! You have created an amazing product now it is time to share it with the world! - Wes Chapman - CEO and Co Founder of LIME Marketing.
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